About University

The myUniversity coming up in the State of Michigan, the United States of America will be coined as one of the most prominent Educational Hub satisfying the needs of the coming trendy global requirements. The approach of the University will be slightly modified to attract the global need. The High-Level Committee will consist of 5 people who will take care of the entire operations of the University.

This myUniversity is expected to be in a huge campus providing the highest level of Technological infrastructure and grey matter for the next generation. The university will begin its operations from the year 2020. We appreciate all the donors of the University and partners for being along with us in this Journey. Huge donors name and/or their remembrance will be engraved on the University Wall naming few Research Laboratories and more. All the Non-Executive partners will be provided with the certificate of partnership which gives them some special privileges through their lifetime in the University which will be given by the High-Level Executive Committee from time to time.

All the donors of the New University are eligible for the Tax Exemption under 503(c)(3). One member from the HLC will be coined as the President of the University whose term in the office will be 9 years where the other 4 will be the trustees. They govern the entire University and provide the necessary perks for the partners or the investors of the myUniversity Project.

Be as a Part of the Large University!

The pride of being as a part of the large university is inexpressible!